The J.K. Yearick Center is a community  event rental hall located in Howard, PA. The Yearick Center has two rentable rooms for public use. We also offer in-house catering of events held in either of our two rentable spaces.

Room Rental Info:

Banquet Hall
The Banquet Hall is a 64' x 80' room whch is a little over 5000 square feet of open space. The Banquet Hall can hold approximately 325 people for an event. This room is great for large gatherings such as wedding receptions, company dinners, and even family reuninons. The  cost of renting the Banquet Hall is  $400 plus a  $100 cleanup fee for all renters. If you are planning to decorate the hall the day before your event, there will be an  additional $100 fee if you choose to do so . Metal chairs and 8' rectangular tables are provided to renters free of charge during the use of the hall. There is also a $150 security deposit to save the date when renting, which will be  returned after the event if everything is ok.

Small Meeting Room

The small meeting room is 26' x 30', which is 780 square feet, and can  hold  up to approximately 50 people. This room is great for small get togethers, meetings, and dinners.  The cost to rent the small room is $60  plus a  $35 cleanup fee. Just like the Banquet Hall, 8' rectangular tables and chairs are provided free of charge to renters during the use of the room. There is also a $35 security deposit to save the date when renting the small room, which will be returned after the event if the everything is ok.

Other things to consider:

While we do have a kitchen that is part of our in-house catering service, no renters may use the kitchen for their event, and by extension neither can any catering service use our kitchen facilities.  There is a kitchenette in the Banquet Hall that  can be used by renters and their caterers as they please.

We are an alcohol friendly establishment and allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages in moderation during events. Please see the list of Rules & Regulations below.

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J.K. Yearick Center Contact Info:

Rich & Lana Sutton

J.K. Yearick Center Coordinators

(814) 625-2761, Leave a message.