October 19th 2024

Punkin Chunkin Committee Member Contacts

George Demchak,
Sponsor Coordinator @

Mark Ott,

Food Vendor Coordinator@



Volunteer Coordinator  @


Kathi Alterio & Cindy Kunes,

Craft Vendor Coordinators


Josh Collins

Chunking Machines Coordinator@


Collin Alterio

Public Safety Coordinator


If you would like to be a Craft, Art, or Sporting Goods vendor at this years Punkin' Chunkin' Fall Fest please read, fill out, and follow the directions on the form below.

Email chunkincrafts@gmail.com for more information

If you would like to be a sponsor of this years Punkin' Chunkin' Fall Fest and would like more info about sponsorship please contact.

George Demchak,

Sponsor Coordinator @george@1kbb.com

Any questions or comments about the festival can be answered by contacting  the Punkin Chunkin Committee @ howardfire@gmail.com or by calling 814-625-2761

What  is “ Punkin’ Chunkin’ ”?

Every year towards the end of October the Howard Fire Company holds a one day festival at the scenic Bald Eagle State Park in Howard, PA.  The main attractions of the festival are the catapults, trebuchets, and (possibly) air cannons that launch pumpkins hundreds of feet through the air and send them splashing down into the nearby lake. Hence why we call it Punkin’ Chunkin".  

Thank you for all your support in 2023!

The one day festival hosts a number of other attractions such as:

-Nearly 100 Local Craft Vendors

-Local Food Vendors


-Smaller Trebuchets for the Public to Shoot

-Children’s Games and Activities.

-Emergency Vehicles

-Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest

-Farmer’s Market

However the best part about the festival is that it is absolutely FREE to attend! There are absolutely no parking or admissions costs to come to the festival. 

Any money donated during the festival will go towards supporting the

Howard Fire Company #14 and future Punkin' Chunkin' Fall Festivals.

Chunkers that have come to our festival in the past are :

Stand Back n Watch This (HFC)

Chunk-n'Ology (HFC)

Smoking Llamas


Half a Bubble Off ft. Fat Jimmy!

Pumpkin Flight School


And Your Little Dog 2


Tree Bucket

The Big 10 inch

Monkey N Around

Live Free or Chunk