Esh, Raymond

Forgary, Chantal

Hoy, Neveah

Masden, Chris


​Walters, Sarah

Watson, Carissa

Junior Members

Collins, Emma

Collins, Gracie

Kressler, Paxton

Nearhoof, Wesley

​Serb, Colson

Water Rescue

Alterio, Collin


Fisher, Nick

Moyle, Rich

Ott, Mark

Penland, Tyler

Howard Volunteer Fire Company Officers 2024

Executive Officers

President:  Bill Nearhoof
Vice President: Rich Moyle
Treasurer: Stacy Mann
Financial Secretary: Deb Simoncek
Recording Secretary: Dave Rosendale
Trustees: Daniel Glick, Nathan Stoltzfus, Elam Stoltzfus
VP of Fund Development: Don Moore
Marketing Planner: Lana and Rich Sutton

Line Officers
Chief 14: 
1st Deputy Chief 14-1: Josh Collins
2nd Assistant Chief 14-2: Rich Moyle
3rd Assistant Chief 14-3: Zach Brownson
4th Assistant Chief 14-4: Caleb Kelley

5th Assistant Chief 14-5: Aquila Stoltzfus
Captain 14-1: Tyler Penland

Lieutenant 14-1

​Lieutenant 14-2
EMS Captain 14-1: Nick Fisher

EMS Lieutenant 14-1:  Bill Nearhoof

EMS Lieutenant 14-2:  N/A

Fire Police Captain 14: Mark Ott

Operator / Engineer 

Alterio, Collin 

​​Bowersox, Micheal

Rosendale, David

Howard Fire Company Members

Important Member Information:

Company Meetings are the last Monday of every month at 7 PM.

Work nights are every Thursday at 6:30 PM.

Anyone interested in becoming an active or supporting member of the Howard Fire Company can come to the station on any Thursday night for more information.

Fire Police

Fire Police Captain 14 : Mark Ott

Fire Police LT. 14-1 Bobby Yearick

Fire Police LT. 14-2  John Rougeux

Fire Police LT. 14-3 Tom Long

Fire Police LT. 14-4 George Demchak

Fire Police LT. 14-5  Olivia Ott

Fire Police LT. 14-6 Kraig Morris

Fire Police LT. 14-7 Haylee Mann

Fire Police LT. 14-8  Ken Collins


Alterio, Collin

Bowmaster, Cory

Brownson, Zach

Collins, Josh

DeArment Jr, Bobby

English, Bruce

Esh, Jacob

Fisher, Nick

Flick, Tim

Gardner, Clay

Gribble, Samantha

Harlos, Brad

Homan, Chris

​Hoy, Becky

Glick, Daniel

Kellerman, Nick

Kelley, Caleb

Krape, Tyler

Long, Tom

Moore, Don

Moyle, Austin

Moyle, Rich

Page, Corey

Penland, Tyler

Roan, Chris

Roberts, Garret

Stoltzfus, Aquila

Stolzfus, Elam

Stoltzfus, Nathan

Stoltzfus, Sammuel

Thompson, GT

​Yingling, Bruce


Danley, Kathleen


Alterio, Collin - EMR

English , Bruce - EMT

Fisher, Nick- EMR - EMS Captain 14-1

Harlos, Brad - Paramedic

Homan, Chris - EMT

Homan, Melissa - EMT

Lyons, Bri - EMT 

Moyle, Rich - EMT  

Ott, Mark - EMT

Penland , Tyler - EMT

Simonchek, Deb - EMR