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HFC Announcements


Work nights are every Thursday at 6:30 pm. All members are encouraged to attend.

Howard Volunteer Fire Company Line Officer’s 2017
Executive Officer's
President:  Mark Ott
Vice President: Rich Moyle
Treasurer: Stacy Mann
Financial Secretary: Troy McCurdy
Recording Secretary: Bobby Yearick
Trustees: Clayton Gardner, Skip Wolf, Josh Collins

Vp of Fund Development: George Demchak

Marketing Planner: Bobby and Holly Yearick

Line Officer's
Chief 14: Collin Alterio
1st Assistant Chief 14-1: Josh Collins
2nd Assistant Chief 14-2: Rich Moyle
3rd Assistant Chief 14-3: Zach Brownson
Captain 14-1: Tim Flick
Captain 14-2: Cody Flick
Captain 14-3: Tyler Penland
EMS Captain 14-1: Rich Moyle
Fire Police Captain 14-1: John Rougeux


HFC Gun Raffle Winner's 2016


2017 Punkin Chunkin - October 21 2017

Bald Eagle State Park


HFD Announcements

Excutive Meeting  01/23/16 19:00hrs

Company Meeting 01/30/16 19:00hrs

Training Calender


Community Announcements






Howard Volunteer Fire Company - Howard, Pennsylvania


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